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30 April 2008 @ 04:54 pm
Post here if you have any questions, if there are things that don't make sense in the rules or if there is something which I haven't explained properly.

I'll try to explain myself as best as I can and clear up any misunderstandings.

30 April 2008 @ 04:30 pm
This is the sign up post for Round 1.

To sign up simply fill in the form below.

Username: So we all know who you are
E-mail: So we can reach you
Three things I would like to create (be specific): e.g. a fanfiction about Booth and his son, a set of ten icons from series one, a fanmix of songs about Bones
Three things they could do in return (be specific): e.g. write a smutty Booth/Brennan fanfic, design a Friends Only banner using a certain picture, make a music video for Angela and Hodgins with any song
Highest rating (that you want to view & that you want to create): e.g. View: Anything, Create: PG 13
Seen episodes up to (willing/not willing to be spoiled): Also very important, e.g. seen up to episode 3x3 (no spoilers please)
Other Notes: If there is a specific picture, quote, song, etc, that you want to be included in your gift, put a link to it here so that your gift giver can access it

All comments are screened so that no one's hidden identity is given away :D
30 April 2008 @ 04:11 pm
Welcome to the community, presumably you're here because you're wondering how this thing works and (hopefully) where you can sign up.

First off, you need to join the community.

Before you get all signed up you need to make sure that you know what you're doing and where you're going. Firstly, don't sign up if you don't think that you'll have the time. Luckily we're heading into the summer months when most of us do in fact have a little bit of time on our hands.

The idea is that while us Vultures are waiting for the next series of Bones to begin we can be busy creating and sharing our talents with each other. I'm intending for each round of secret gift giving to last for one month, so you have (roughly) two weeks for signing up and for people to be assigned to one another, and another two weeks to be creative and get posting.

Think about the things that you do really well. We're here to share our creative talents, you might be really good at writing fanfic, making videos, designing layouts, whatever. When you fill out the form tell us all about it. The same goes for when you ask for what you'd like, the more specific you are the better match I can make. You might want a specific song made into a video or a certain picture as a Friends Only banner. The main rule is that it must be Bones-themed, but if you want a Bones/Buffy crossover story, by all means request it - you never know, there may be someone out there who is dying to create it for you :D

Then phase two begins. Each person will receive the details of another member of this community. You will be assigned that person based on what you can create and what they are hoping to receive. You can pick one thing to produce for that person and then you make it. The key is not telling them that you are the person who is making something for them. You can check out their journal for inspiration and ideas, if you get the opportunity to talk to them you are welcome to, but you mustn't reveal yourself as being their secret gift giver.

Meanwhile, someone else will be making something for you.

The next step will then begin. Posting. This is the fun bit where you get to share your hard work and find out who has been hard at work making something for you. Then you can all congratulate yourselves and maybe even make some new friends.

All the while sharing the Bones love!